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Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Easy Pseudo-Kimchee with Imitation Crab

This recipe is...
Level: Beginner

This recipe is the most versatile, and the easiest! So, it'll make a good first post. What you need is:

one (1) packet of ramen
one half (1/2) cup of imitation crab meat, flaked
one half (1/2) cup of cabbage, finely chopped into strips
one half (1/2) teaspoon of paprika
one (1) teaspoon of hot curry powder
one (1) tablespoon of rice vinegar
one quarter (1/4) cup of wakame flakes, salted or unsalted
one (1) pot
two (2) bowls
one (1) stove top
one (1) microwave
one (1) cover big enough to go over one of the bowls

Put enough water for ramen (about 2 cups to 1 1/2 cups) on boil, then in a bowl, combine the vinegar, paprika, curry powder, and cabbage. Mix well, let sit. 
If you want to really have this taste awesome, let sit over night, but that's not strictly necessary. However, letting it sit over night means you can be draining the vinegar and mixing it with the crab meat at this stage, which is SO TASTY (see photo).

In the other bowl, which you'll end up eating out of, add the crab meat, wakame, and ramen noodles.

Pour about half the packet of ramen flavoring into the bowl of crab/wakame/noodles.
It's even better if you use only a quarter of the packet, as that's healthier. Besides, then you can save the rest and use it later with some water, a few veggies, maybe some sort of meat or fish, BAM instant soup.

Once the water has boiled, pour it over the noodles, crab meat, and wakame. It's all good if you don't use all of the water you boiled; in fact, make sure to save room in the bowl for the cabbage.

If you haven't let the cabbage sit over night, then drain out the vinegar now (save it for something else, though!) and add the cabbage to the other bowl.

Cover the bowl with a lid so the ramen can puff up and the other ingredients can soak in all the random flavors in there.

That's it! Probably took you only ten, fifteen minutes, huh? Super easy.